Why is the NEBOSH National General Certificate so Popular?

Of all the health and safety qualifications which exist in the world, one of the most popular and widely-held of them all is the NEBOSH General Certificate. This actually refers to two qualifications, as there is a NEBOSH National General Certificate which is geared towards United Kingdom legislation and best practices, and a NEBOSH International General Certificate. This appeal to so many people around the world is just one reason why it is such a popular course.

NEBOSH courses and the associated accredited qualifications/certificates are amongst the most respected available. Not only are the contents of the course syllabus comprehensive and of a high standard, but with only certain health and safety training providers being accredited to offer the courses, the level of teaching is also expected to be high quality which increases the likelihood of the candidate learning and retaining the information both to put into practice back in the workplace and also for any assessments which may be required at the conclusion of the training.

The NEBOSH National General Certificate is such a popular course primarily because of the amount of information imparted to those attending the training sessions. With the syllabus covering health and safety topics including electrical safety, fire safety, hazardous substances and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), psychological health, machinery hazards and many more, it is easy to see why the course is so popular for those looking to acquire a significant amount of information about how to keep themselves and their fellow workers safe and minimise the chances of an accident occurring in the workplace.

A NEBOSH General Certificate is also popular as it caters to both those who have health and safety experience or previous training as the information taught will be an extremely beneficial and comprehensive refresher, as well as to those who have never received any previous health and safety training before as the course is designed to take students right through to furnishing them with all the information they will need for the assessments at the end.

What Next After the NEBOSH General Certificate?

Along with being a superb qualification in its own right, a number of people who successfully pass all of the assessments and achieve the NEBOSH General Certificate will go on to study for further qualifications. Typically the majority will either choose to specialise on a fire or construction safety qualification with the NEBOSH Fire or NEBOSH Construction Certificates respectively, or they will aim for a higher level and work up to the weighty NEBOSH Diploma health and safety qualification which is one of the most prestigious qualifications that NEBOSH accredit.

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