NEBOSH General Certificate or NEBOSH Fire Certificate?

For those interested in or having a need to undergo fire training so that they are competent and have suitable knowledge regarding fire risks in the workplace, many will be unsure of which health and safety training course is most fulfilling of their requirements. Two which are likely to come under consideration are the NEBOSH General Certificate and the NEBOSH Fire Certificate.

The choice of whether to opt for the NEBOSH General Certificate or NEBOSH Fire Certificate will depend to a great extent upon the specific requirements of the individual attending the training course. Obviously for those who desire a dedicated fire course then the NEBOSH Fire Certificate is the one which is devoted entirely to fire safety and its associated risks and hazards. The syllabus of the NEBOSH Fire Certificate course includes elements such as the causes of fire, prevention measures, emergency procedures, fire risk assessments, legal responsibilities and much more. For those with fire safety duties within their place of work, or who would like to begin or continue a career in fire safety within an organisation, then the NEBOSH Fire Certificate will be a perfect health and safety course to enrol upon.

For those who do not require such an in-depth amount of knowledge regarding fire safety, the NEBOSH General Certificate may be a better option, especially if the person also needs to have an understanding of other health and safety risks, hazards, dangers and issues. This NEBOSH course is one of the most popular of all the health and safety training courses available, and covers a variety of different risks and hazards which are likely to be encountered in typical places of work. One such element included on the NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus is that of fire safety, which means that anybody who needs to be aware of the dangers posed by fires and explosions, but who do not need to have a detailed amount of knowledge (i.e. they will not be responsible for implementing company fire safety policies for example) can opt for the NEBOSH General Certificate instead.

Whilst the two courses may be mutually exclusive for some, many other people actually take both. Because both qualifications incorporate the NGC1 unit, those that have successfully passed this unit on the General Certificate within the last five years do not have to repeat it and can therefore do a shorter and less expensive NEBOSH Fire Certificate conversion course.

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