In-House Training Programmes


In-house training courses and programmes are usually the most effective methods of training a group of your employees in a particular set of skills or area of knowledge. This is because unless it is an accredited qualification which has to stick to a set syllabus, for example in-house SMSTS training for construction site health and safety managers, an in-house course can be tailored so that the information taught is 100% applicable to those attending and concentrates on their specific work duties. Also if it is a health and safety training course, it can cover the exact hazards, risks and potential consequences that can come with working in an unsafe manner.

Another advantage is that in-house training programmes are normally more cost-effective when you have a number of delegates to put through the training, particularly when a daily trainer rate is charged like the guys at Associated Training do rather than a per delegate fee. This means that aside from any fees that come with each delegate such as certificate fees charged by an awarding body or lunch and refreshment costs, putting more employees on the course dramatically reduces the cost per delegate. When considering the price per place that companies can charge for an open course, you can see why an in-house course can be so attractive from both a financial point of view, and the appropriateness and effectiveness of the training being provided to your workers.

Certain types of training are also much more suited to be provided for employees from the same organisation. The most obvious example is team building and team development programmes which aim to get teams and departments working and communicating more effectively with each other. Rather than teaching them basic theory surrounding communication skills and how to interact with colleagues, an in-house team building course allows activities to be designed specifically for the group and for them to work together to achieve them.

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