Working at Height Training

Working at height is often required by many different job roles. Whilst some will be an obvious part of the job specification and require a person to work at height on a regular basis such as a window cleaner for example, other jobs will only have an occasional need for a person to work from height.

Working at height does not necessarily mean having to work a long way up the air, but typically means working at any distance where a fall could cause injury, which is pretty much any height, even one just a small distance off the ground. Managers need to understand their responsibilities and duties regarding working at height before asking or allowing employees to engage in any activity off of the ground.

Before a person is needed to work from height, a suitable risk assessment should be performed. One of the objectives of this is to determine in the first instance if there is actually a need for a person to have to work from height, or whether there are reasonably practical alternatives for undertaking the task without the need to work from height. This is why managers need to have been trained to be aware of such regulations and responsibilities, whilst working at height training should be provided to those for whom there is no reasonably practical alternative and who will be required to work from height.

Due to the serious consequences which can be brought about through an accident occurring whilst working at height such as serious injury or death, there are strict rules and regulations when it comes to the issue, which is why suitable training and competent persons are required. These competent persons must also be involved in and responsible for issues such as planning, organising and supervising the working at height operations and activities too.

Its importance also means that working at height is included on health and safety courses like the NEBOSH General Certificate as well as being the topic for a dedicated and bespoke health and safety training session for a group of employees from the same company. A bespoke course often proves far more beneficial as it can concentrate on the exact methods, reasons and procedures regarding the specific activities of the business.

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