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Most people enjoy things more in life when they are good at them. If they find something difficult and a struggle they are likely to try and avoid it whenever possible, and instead focus on the things which they are proficient at.

The same can be true when it comes to various functions in the workplace and the skills needed to accomplish them. People will often willingly do the things that they are good at, but will shy away from those which they are not. In such a situation, individuals may need to receive business coaching from a qualified coach in order to identify these problem areas and develop action plans to overcome them. This is likely to involve attending training courses which aim to improve the individual in these topics such as increasing their assertiveness or improving their managerial skills.

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The provision of business coaching along with training courses can be a powerful and effective combination in the development of a team or individual. Often in order to develop a person will need to be taken out of their comfort zone and be forced to practice and improve upon these skills in order to get better. Whilst left to their own devices they may simply use avoidance techniques as far as possible to get out of having to do theses tasks, in a training course or practicing them as part of the action plan in between coaching sessions will make them face these challenges. Only by tackling them and practicing will they improve and feel more comfortable in taking on these challenges later at work.

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