Training or Business Coaching to Improve Management Skills

For a person to improve in a certain area such as improving their management skills, they or their senior manager will often opt for one or more of the following training and development options:

Management Training:

Enrolling on a training course which either teaches them new information and techniques regarding management, or refreshes their existing knowledge of this area from the content which was taught to them on previous management training courses which they have since forgotten due to the passage of time. See a range of accredited management training courses by clicking here to visit the Management Skills section of the Business Learning Foundation website.

Business Coaching:

Providing and utilising the wisdom and experience of a business coach who can work with the individual to discuss the issues which are preventing them either making the step-up to a managerial position, or are preventing them from being as effective a manager as they could be. Business coaching can be scheduled to fit around the person's work demands and personal commitments, unlike a scheduled training course which is run on a particular day and at a particular start time, which makes it much more flexible and attractive for busy managers with little spare time. It is for this reason that executive coaching is so popular, as busy executives can schedule ad-hoc sessions as and when they are available and have a free moment. Such is the benefit of business and executive coaching, even executives with virtually no spare time still try and schedule sessions whenever they can.

A Combination of Business Coaching and Management Training:

Combining the two above - both business coaching and training - will be the most effective method of increasing the knowledge and effectiveness of a prospective or existing manager. Whilst the management training course will furnish them with information and knowledge which they have either not been taught previously or have since forgotten, the coaching session will provide a forum for discussing issues and metaphorical barriers with an experienced coach who can help to remedy issues and increase the effectiveness of the manager. Whilst either training or coaching on their own in isolation will provide some benefit, making use of both at the same time will likely lead to rapid employee development and substantial progress being made.

Self Study or Leaving the Manager to their own Devices:

Asking (or telling!) the manager to go and find information on their own, possibly through reading management development books such as how to manage teams, hoping that the manager can learn enough information on their own to make them a better manager. Although some slight improvement may be had, this is often a poor substitute for actually having them receive training in managerial issues and/or sessions with a business coach.

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