Electrical Safety and the NEBOSH General Certificate Course

Arguably one of the most common risks and hazards associated and present on just about every place of work is the danger posed by electricity. Although there are some still powered by other means such as wind or water power, since about the beginning of the 20th century, electricity has become the energy source for virtually every piece of machinery present in a place of work; either coming directly from the mains or from a charged battery. With so many machines, lights and other pieces of equipment present in a typical workplace, it is easy to see why electricity is such a common hazard to health and safety. As a result the dangers from electricity are discussed on NEBOSH General Certificate courses to make delegates aware of them, but as mentioned below, it will not drill down into such comprehensive and specific detail that it would make a person an expert in electrical safety specifically.

Electrical safety is likely to be a topic covered by many health and safety courses as well as the NEBOSH General Certificate, but it is important to remember that these types of courses and qualifications only intend to make individuals aware of the dangers that can be posed from electricity, particularly from incorrect usage of a machine, insufficient or inadequate maintenance of equipment and through improper storage which can lead to corrosion or other damage. What these courses will not aim to do is teach people how to re-wire circuits, install lights, perform maintenance on electrical items etc. For this, specialist electrical training will be required.

Training and a Career as an Electrician

With a constant demand for qualified electricians in the world, choosing to undergo training and develop a career in electrical training can be a rewarding and lucrative decision for a person to make. It will not only involve receiving specialist electrical training but also relevant health and safety training in order to stay safe when working with electricity and avoiding harm when working in likely places of work such as construction sites for example. Although it will require time and money initially, the rewards at the end can be great if there is a lot of demand for your time and services as an electrician.

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